Cherrybrook Beauty Treatment Policies and Information

1. Treatment Etiquette

Maximise your treatment experience by being at Cherrybrook Beauty 10 minutes before your appointment time. This fosters a relaxing treatment outcome for you and avoids reduced treatment time – which we would have to apply to late arrivals.

If re-scheduling an appointment, 24 hours notice would be greatly appreciated. We discourage the use of mobile telephones whilst having a treatment – time out is specifically for you.

2. Health Considerations

If you have high blood pressure, heart conditions, varicose veins, are pregnant or have other health conditions you are advised to consult your doctor before seeking therapist services.

Please inform us of allergies and current medications as some services may not be suitable. Health experts advise you to replace fluids and avoid vigorous activity for one hour after massage, body treatment and facial therapy.

Please also inform us if you suffer claustrophobia.

3. Modesty

I pride myself on being a professional beautician and body therapist and I am trained in the art of draping, ensuring your personal privacy at all times.

4. After Treatment Care

For you to fully enjoy the benefit of your experience we recommend the intake of plenty of water after your treatment visit.

5. Timing

In order to get the most out of your experience, we recommend you allow an extra 20 minutes overall for your treatment, so that you have time to change and relax before and after we pamper you.

Frances Biviano